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Message From: michele January 18, 2011
have to say hello and thank you for finding all my kitties new has been almost a year and i miss them but i know they all have great homes..what i would love to see is new pics of the cats that got adopted..surely would mean alot to see how great the look

Message From: David April 27, 2010
I've had "Petey" NKA "Pickle" for over 2 years now. And I'm SO GLAD i rescued him. He has grown quite alot since We first got him. From about 5 pounds or so. To a healthy 12.5 pounds. He's a very relaxed kitty and doesn't hesitate to argue with me when its time to come inside from the screened porch

Message From: babygirl81706 April 1, 2010
wanted to say thank you so much for you do..and thank you so much for fostering midnight,littlegirl,and speedyg..i know they will be loved by whomever adopts them.they are very loveable.they love to snuggle.i miss them alot.but i know what i did for them was the right thing.miss you my babies..i will always love you no matter where you may be

Message From: babygirl81706 April 1, 2010
wanted to say thank you so much for you do..and thank you so much for fostering midnight,littlegirl,and speedyg..i know they will be loved by whomever adopts them.they are very loveable.they love to snuggle.i miss them alot.but i know what i did for them was the right thing.miss you my babies..i will always love you no matter where you may be

Message From: Chelsea December 7, 2009
After much ado, I finally have Mia (aka Tiana) home with me. I love her to death. She is so full of energy and smart as can be. The first day I left her for work, she found a way to dump the mouse cage over. Something that neither of my other two cats ever did. She is so playful and loves to cuttle around my neck at night as I sleep. I am the luckiest mom to have found such a wonderful friend as Mia.

Message From: TELETE October 16, 2009
I adopted Chaz nka Figaro in November 2008 at an adoption event at Petco the day after Thanksgiving. Thank you all so much for rescuing my darling Figgy. According to my friends, he is the most spoiled cat ever! I tell them that's okay since he had a rough start. He's so sweet and wonderful, he deserves lots of spoiling!

Message From: JoAnn Price September 11, 2009
In January we adopted REno n.k.a. Parker. He is just gorgeous and a blessing to have. I was so glad to see Guy was adopted as if he had been available in another month I was going to place an application in for him. You guys are great and for any future cats we adopt we will go thru your organization. Thanks for being there!

Message From: barbara garwood March 12, 2009
Thanks for the good work you do and particularly for working with Animal Services. They need it!

Message From: jim February 24, 2009
Our gina was so right about all your great work for these precious animals! Nice job!

Message From: Katerzena January 18, 2009
I love Conan (Darby) so much! I can't believe he's almost a year old! Thank you guys for saving these cats! If you're running out of names, name one of them Lulina for me ;) Thanks!

Message From: A January 17, 2009
There is this one cat that I saw at one of your fairs that I couldn't find on here but LOVED!! Her name is Esmeralda and she is the best cat I have ever met! Please, please, please put a picture of her on here!

Message From: Lauren January 16, 2009
I love my Conan, he is getting so big! If you are running out of names for kitties, use "Lulina", "Kasshia", "Lavita", or Xena (you don't have any "X" names. Thank you for saving kitties!

Message From: Georgia December 30, 2008
It is now Dec 30th and Rambo2 (Squeeky) is a 1 yr old. His buddy Goof, will be in March 1yr. I still would like to send pics of Rambo but have not heard of where i can send the photo's. If you would like a pic of Rambo now, please send me a email and where i can send updated pics . Both of my boys are doing great and have a great life. Thanks GA

Message From: Margaret September 7, 2008
Vince nKa Amos is such a beautiful addition to our family we just couldn't be more adoring parents. His two sisters love him so much and are also so greatful for your help is catching them as feral kittens. They started out as being foster kittens but soon became part of our family. That's how we found out about you, and how Amos became part of our family also! We could be more thankful we have them all and love them more and more each day! In our minds eye they are the most precious gifts anyone ever gave us and they are the most spoiled and love kitties ever! Thank you for your kindness to these beautiful creatures and we will continue to assist you as we are able for all that you do!

Message From: Gina September 5, 2008
I don't even know where to begin!!!! Smidgen is the absolute sweetest cat that I have ever encountered. He is passed out next to me as I am typing this. He already has full run of the house, and he and Marshall are getting along so well. They sound like an entire heard of cattle when they chase each other upstairs!!! Smidgen wants loving all the time, and he has 4 very willing humans to do it. My kids adore him, and since his arrival, they haven't had any nightmares about suddenly losing our beloved cat Ben. I took Smidgen to my vet on Tuesday and everything is great. He got his leukemia shot, and I am waiting till Oct. to get his rabies shot done. He weighed 10 1/2 lbs. He LOVES food, and I have a feeling that his hanging belly skin will be filled back out soon!!!! He is getting a lot less itchy as the flea bites heal. Let's just say that third times a charm, and Smidgen will never be uprooted again. He will have a better life than some people do. I already have an awesome cat tree on it's way. He is already a very happy, content, spoiled Smidgen.

Message From: Liesl Hernandez August 30, 2008
We have had Critter now known as Whiskers for about two months. We are very happy with him and he has become one of the family. He is very gentle and friendly and we love him bunches. He is so friendly and well behaved that he has inspired other family members that weren't fond of cats to get one as a pet. Of course we recommended this association since you all did such a wonderful job with our precious baby. Kudos to all of you for all that you do!

Message From: Wesley May 20, 2008
I wanted to write and let you know that the adoption of Lukas, now known as Toby, went beautifully. He is such a loving and playful kitten and we couldn't be happier with his arrival. Thank you for all the support and I look forward to sending updates.

Message From: Georgia April 4, 2008
I want to give you an update of (Rambo 2) now know as Squeaky. He is already 10lbs and I have a baby brother for him. It only took 1 day for the transition and they play like crazy. I would like to send a picture to let you all see how he looks today. Anyway, He is very happy and so am I. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

Message From: Staci Lanham February 7, 2008
Just want to thank you guys for the wonderful kittens Rascal and Bandit, that we adopted 1/19/08 as well as the continued support after the adoption due to their illness. Things are going well. We have renamed them Barnum and Bailey because our house is like a circus once they start playing with each other.

Message From: Brittany February 3, 2008
We brought Dina home 2 days ago, and we can already see that she is the perfect match for our family! Thanks from all of us to this wonderful organization for helping us find a new lifetime friend & family member!

Message From: Brittany February 3, 2008
We brought Dina home 2 days ago, and we can already see that she is the perfect match for our family! Thanks from all of us to this wonderful organization for helping us find a new lifetime friend & family member!

Message From: Georgia January 31, 2008
I adopted Rambo 2, He is great, He is very lovable, He is adapting well to his new home. I still want to get him a playmate so he is not alone. Let me know if you get another kitten that is like Rambo. Thanks bunches Rambo2 is grrreeeaaat...

Message From: Marla January 5, 2008
Hi again I adopted Dandy i dont have him yet but cant wait to have him 1/4/08

Message From: Marla January 4, 2008
Hello I adopted two loveing teens here Mittens and lily2 and the are a mess we call them the cyco cats becuz they are crazy!

Message From: New Parent ! November 25, 2007
After losing a beloved feline family member, we swore, never again. But today little Amadeus came into our lives & it's back to feed him first, play with him first, then try to get your work done & it's ok because his little whine is the first thing you hear in the morning & then you smile. Please help spread the word for this organization & get the so needed donations for the foster homes & sick kitties ! And thanks to all the wonderful volunteers & sponsors!

Message From: (Private) July 24, 2007
I really want to adopt this kitten but I need to know where it is. I live in Orlando but I cant find where. Oh April2 your so cute I hope you will be mine.

Message From: anthony July 8, 2007
hi this is anthony i recently volunteered.and it was fun i think more people should know about ur non profit organization.all the volunteers were nice.

Message From: (Private) June 19, 2007
I abopted Captain Jack from your company and can not imagine life without him. I now have a best feline friend that follows me everywhere, sleeps on my tummy, and runs to the door whenever I get home. I'm so glad I adopted him.

Message From: leialoha June 13, 2007
All blessings to each and every one of you and to all the sweet kittens and cats. Thanks for all you do. Orlando is so lucky to have this organization.

Message From: Ness May 10, 2007
I just gave up Axel to the organization so that he may have a better home. I am an EMT and amazingly Axel survived a four our ride in the axel of our ambulance. I miss him tons but I know he will go to a good home.

Message From: Karen April 18, 2007
I love black cats, sean reminds me of my gizmo in loving memory. I am going to try and adopt him

Message From: Sandy SS April 2, 2007
Nice web site. Check ours out too!

Message From: Jasmine & Dan March 22, 2007
We adopted Mia (Opal), Smidgens, and Frank (Marco) this past October. They are too much!!! We love our babies and are watching them grow into wonderful cats. They love to play together and each one of them has their own spot in the house. We couldn't imagine our lives without them. Thank you for the opportunity to be loved by them.

Message From: Walter March 10, 2007
It's too bad Kiara is not good with kids!

Message From: Walter March 7, 2007
I think Phillip is nice!

Message From: (Private) March 6, 2007
I think Cooper2 is a funny name, and he is very sweet!

Message From: jody February 25, 2007
i absolutly am in love with casper 2, she is so beautiful

Message From: Kim February 16, 2007
I adopted a gorgeous gray kitten named Sphinx. She is still very friendly and follows me around the house. I am very happy to have her as a member of the family.

Message From: Sherry & Jessica February 16, 2007
One year ago we had adopted Evinrude and Abigail. Today they went for their 1 year rabies shot and are doing great! Abigail is now 11 pounds and Evinrude is 14 1/2 pounds, they are both beautiful and spoiled! Just wanted to let you know how they were doing! Thanks Mary for bringing them into our lives, they are special!

Message From: amiera taha February 11, 2007
I love cats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message From: Cindy February 7, 2007
I am the proud parent of Baby Girl. My black cat Salem and I needed a new buddy around the house and Baby Girl fit the bill. Thank you sooo much for doing all that you do to save these cats. They need love and I was so happy to find you and Baby named Gypsy.

Message From: Michelle January 23, 2007
I love Cats!! i WANNA HELP. but how

Message From: Stephanie Robinson January 15, 2007
I adopted Jeffery - a beautiful 2 yr old black DSH on 1/13/07. My 13 yr Tonkinese is still fussing but he'll come around. I fell in love with Jeff the week before and thought about him all week - I know if he was still there I was bringing him home. My husband wasn't happy at first but now they're inseperable - lays on bed with him while watching TV at night. Thank you Robin for having the heart to part with him due to your move out of state - I know you'll miss him. Now I just have to get him use to the birds!!!!!!!!!!

Message From: Carmen January 5, 2007
I Went to the loop and we took home Zap (kiro) we love him and he is very happy and fun.

Message From: Ron Jenkins December 13, 2006
We adopted Mr. T, Monday, 11 Dec 2006. Had him checked by our Vet, he is in great shape. We are pleased with him and he with us.

Message From: Jessica Selph November 14, 2006
I adopted joker on saturday.. he is doing excellent. eating reguarly, playing with all his new toys, very lovable, and cuddly!!! he's a sweet heart!!! thanx, Jessica P.s. Joker says hi everyone!!!

Message From: Renee ONeill November 12, 2006
This is a wonderful website. There needs to be more organizations like this one.

Message From: diane October 15, 2006
I adopted Amelia and shes doing fabulous! We fell in love at the loop and got her later that night:).She gets along well with our Oreo(adopted kitty)he took a few days but they play non-stop. My other kitty Miss Priss is less than happy that Amelia(mama). Shes the queen of the house and lets that be known. Each day gets a bit better. We also have 4 small dogs, Tizzy (Jack Russel) Lizzy (adopted jack and beagle mix) Teeka (tea cup poodle) and Taco( adopted chihuaha) She still hides from them but im sure in time they will be sleeping together. Shes great with kids and is very vocal:).Thank you Sherry for your help . We love her!!!!

Message From: Jas & Dan October 14, 2006
We finally got to bring our babies home last night! We've been waiting almost two months now! It was some night. Now I know what to expect when we have children. All they wanted to do was play, play, and play some more. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have a mini family.

Message From: Marla2543 August 24, 2006
I adopted Prince Mittens 8/18/06 and hes a ball of energy!!! But i love em`