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  Additional information about Adoption

Adoption Fees: Adoption fees may vary depending on the age and particulars of an individual cat or kitten. For example, some of our cats are micro-chipped. The adoption fee is NOT tax deductible under the IRS rules. It is a fee / not a donation. The fee helps us to cover the costs of veterinary treatments, including vaccines, spay or neuter surgery, and treatment for worms and intestinal parasites.

Change of Heart Policy: We offer a 7-day change of heart return policy. If your recently adopted cat or kitten is not working out in your home, you can return it for a full refund. All original medical records must be returned.

Status of Cats and Kittens listed on our site: Cats and kittens listed as "available for adoption" are ready to go to new homes immediately. These cats are currently up to date on all vaccines and have been spayed/neutered, and treated for parasites. Cats and kittens listed as "available for sponsorship" list are not ready to go to new homes yet. This may be due to an illness or because they have not received all their vaccines, surgery, testing, etc. If you are interested in one of these cats, you can contact us for more information and even become pre-approved for adoption; however, you should be prepared to wait some time before you can actually take the cat or kitten home.

A word about ages: Our on-line database contains the estimated date of birth for each of our cats. This estimated date of birth is used by the website to automatically update the cat's age each day. Therefore, the age you see listed on the cat's webpage is the best estimate that we have as to the age of the cat or kitten. The estimated date of birth for younger cats is generally more accurate because we have more clues about the age when the cat is rescued (i.e., eyes may not be open yet, teeth may not have come in yet, etc). The estimated date of birth for older cats is more difficult and is based on size/weight and condition of teeth.

A word about photos: We do our best to keep the main photo of each cat / kitten as current as possible. Sometimes this is difficult since kittens grow quickly and they are not known for holding still for photo ops. Additional photos of each cat / kitten may be available on the individual’s webpage and may show the cat / kitten at a younger age or earlier rescue condition.