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Our Adoption Process

Our adoption process is fairly simple.

1. You identify one of our cats or kittens that you feel will be a good fit for your family.

2. You submit an adoption application/contract.

3. Our volunteers review the contract. Most applications are approved within 48 hours. However, you must be prepared to accept that our volunteers may deny an application for one reason or another.

4. The foster home arranges a time & place for you to meet. This is usually at one of our weekend adoption events, but sometimes a special arrangement can be made if that time/place will not work.

5. You pay the adoption fee.

6. We provide the medical records and any additional items that come with the cat (for example, a favorite toy). You provide the cat carrier. Please note that our adoption contract stiupulates that an approved cat carrier must be used for transporting your cat or kitten at all times.

7. You take your new cat or kitten home.