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  Search Successes
Animal Success Stories

Happy Tails are the heartwarming stories of our rescued cats and kittens in their new homes. We hope you enjoy reading about them as much as we enjoy hearing from our adoptiove homes. This is the part that makes everything we do worth doing ...

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Lover Boy (pka Quinn)

LOVER BOY (pka Quinn) is doing great in his new home. He's so loving!


Lucky is a very lucky young kitten. He was found in a parking lot near Kaiser University, alone, and just barely days old. Not a very good beginning for a little cat.

But Lucky is lucky. His first and most important luck was to be found by a very caring lady and her daughter, who took him into their home and took care of him while they searched for a rescue. They found us - It's All About the Cats.

We immediately set about to find a mother cat for Lucky. Unfortunately, no mother cats could be located. But we did find a mother dog - a poodle who recently weaned her puppies and still had lots of milk. Lucky spent a day with his poodle mom. She fell in love with Lucky. But he did not fall in love with her, and he kept crawling around instead of snuggling up.

So we found the next best thing, a wonderful woman who has extensive experience with bottle babies. This woman fell in love with Lucky at first sight. She is going to hand raise Lucky and then adopt him. A very happy ending to what could have been a very sad story. Thanks to everyone who helped Lucky find his furever home!

L.B. "Libby"

Our Story:

Back in July I was living in Michigan still and I was on vacation visiting my girlfriend who works down here in Orlando. We started talking about getting a kitten to keep her company while I worked on making the move from Michigan. We came across LB's listing and we instantly fell in love with her. Something about those big beautiful eyes drew us in. Sadly we realized at the time where she was living it was not possible.

A month later I moved down to Florida and seen LB was still available!!! Secretly without my girlfriend knowing I contacted IAATCI and adopted LB. The nice people at IAATCI also helped me in selecting everything thats perfect to start a life with a kitten.

That night when my girlfriend got home from work she walked in like a normal night...started discussing something with me then I watched her eyes slowly pan left to a little kitten sitting on the couch looking at her with those big eyes. They are now attached at the hip!

Thank you again for allowing us the opportunity to adopt LB. She has been a great addition to our family and we enjoy her loving company. From Derek R.


Lil'Mama is a very sweet and loving cat. She was a tiny young cat and very pregnant when her foster mom rescued her. Six kittens later, she grew up, became overweight, went on a diet and finally has found a loving home!

You would expect any cat that would wear a Christmas collar to have a good personality and this is certainly true of Lil'Mama. She is good with other cats and dogs. This friendly little girl will make a special pet for the lucky family who gave her a loving home. We wish them all the best!

Lucy (CARE)
Lucy (CARE)

Lucy's new mom sent us the following update today:

Just wanted you to know that Lucy is in her forever home and has charmed everyone. We just love her. She settled in miraculously quickly - has even been outside, maybe for the first time ever. She's so sensible and affectionate. She even likes the dogs and ferrets!

Thanks so much for making it possible for us to adopt Lucy,

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