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Animal Success Stories

Happy Tails are the heartwarming stories of our rescued cats and kittens in their new homes. We hope you enjoy reading about them as much as we enjoy hearing from our adoptiove homes. This is the part that makes everything we do worth doing ...

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Bella Trix

Bella Trix has settled into her new home quite well. She is living the good life thanks to her new mom who sent us a lot of photos and notes. Bella loves being petted and is a good companion. She is playful and a real talker/meower!

Betty (nka Rowen)

Betty (now known as "Rowen") made herself right at home the very first day in her fur-ever home. She loves her new family, including 2 dogs and a big cat named Lestat. She is living the good life : -) and has sent us a lot of photos. This one shows her taking a nap with her best dog friend.


We are a few weeks into the adoption of Blaze and Sparky and I wanted to let you know that they are doing fabulous! Blaise is feeling at home now and enjoying being petted and sleeping in bed alongside Sparky. They like to play together and hang out.  Sparky never meets a stranger and loves all the attention he gets. They are thriving and enjoying life and, of course, we are enjoying them!




Aidan & Bogie : Thank you for the wonderful additions to our family! The kids enjoy the boys more than we ever imagined . They are the most gentle boys, never scratching or biting even when playing rough. I think this goes back to how they were handled as babies by their foster parents. I'm glad we were able to keep the brothers together as well, they take good care of each other. I'm grateful for all your hard work and want you to know how happy we are , kids and kittens!

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