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Happy Tails are the heartwarming stories of our rescued cats and kittens in their new homes. We hope you enjoy reading about them as much as we enjoy hearing from our adoptiove homes. This is the part that makes everything we do worth doing ...

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Thursday Sunday

Thursday Sunday is a very special cat who just celebrated his first birthday in his adoptive home. His family sent photos and wants us to know how much joy he has brought to their lives! I think his birthday photo makes it clear how happy he is to be with his new family!

Tennessee Tuxedo P

Tennessee Tuxedo and Tippy Toes were adopted together! We could not ask for a better outcome for two kitten brothers. They are doing very well in their new home as you can see from this great photo of them sleeping.

Tippy Toes P

Tippy Toes and Tennessee Tuxedo were adopted together! Such fun for two kitten brothers. They are doing very well in their new home as you can see from this great photo of them playing.

Taylor (nka Ollie)
Taylor (nka Ollie)

Taylor (now known as Ollie) is doing well in his new home. Although he was scared of his new dog buddy the first few days, he is now being a little "monster" which is to say that he is chasing the dog and batting it with his paws to play. His new mom reports that he is the lap cat she has always wanted and loves to cuddle as much as he can get.

Toya nka Brakes

Brakes (formerly known as Toya) is adjusting quite well to her new home! We are so pleased to hear this because her new family has a few other cats and a dog! and that was something new for this little girl. But her family did things right and that makes all the difference. The first few days, they kept her in the bathroom and she was given a special little cubby hole type bed where she could run and hang out if the other animals got too much or being in a new house became too overwhelming. This photo shows her in her special bed.

Surprisingly, she first became friends with the family's 10 year old Beagle mix, Kelcey! Kelcey followed Brakes around constantly - in fact, the family thinks if Kelcey could have done so she would have been absolutely content carrying Brakes around in a backpack. Boo Kitty, who is a young tortoiseshell cat member of the family would sit quietly about 2 feet away from Brakes and watch her at all times. And Barron, who is the oldest cat and the alpha cat of the house, wasn’t too sure he was happy with the new kitten and they initially hissed and growled at each other. Of course, Brakes wasn’t too excited about all this attention and would usually growl at the other animals - it was all very overwhelming for her.

But now just a little more than a week later, they all get along charmingly. In fact, after just one week, the family was awoken to Brakes and Boo Kitty chasing each other around the room and playing. Brakes is getting more and more comfortable with the house as the additional photos on her webpage illustrate. The bottom line? Brake's new family thinks she is an amazing addition to their home, fun to have around the house, with so much fun energy.

PS: Toya's new family changed her name to "Brakes" in keeping with the "B" theme for all their cats and we think it is fitting when you consider her her rescue story (she was found in the middle of Forsyth Road).

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