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Animal Success Stories

Happy Tails are the heartwarming stories of our rescued cats and kittens in their new homes. We hope you enjoy reading about them as much as we enjoy hearing from our adoptiove homes. This is the part that makes everything we do worth doing ...

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Marbles - PF nka Tiger

His mom sent us an updated photo. What a handsome boy he has grown up to be.


Recued as a tiny little kitten, almost overlooked in a TNR operation because she was so much younger than the other kittens and hidden behind a piece of plywood! Look at her now! With her new sister dog in a loving adoptive home :-)


She takes the most comfy seat in the house, but her brothers and her new mom love her!

Molo Hemingway

... late valentine's surprise -two Hemingway kittens - brother Molo and sister Helen.  The kittens came out of the crate  when the door was opened after about 20 minutes and then took ownership of the house in 2 minutes. A sad home became happy in 2 seconds.


Update from Muncha's new family: " I adopted Munche from y'all in July. I wanted to send y'all a pic of him. He's doing great. He can be a little handful sometimes. But He is a sweetheart and a joy to have. We love having him as a part of our family. Thank you." So happy to hear this.

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