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Happy Tails are the heartwarming stories of our rescued cats and kittens in their new homes. We hope you enjoy reading about them as much as we enjoy hearing from our adoptiove homes. This is the part that makes everything we do worth doing ...

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Felix II A

Felix is so happy in his new home. He sent us a photo and a short video of him playing with his toys. Unfortunately, we cannnot post a video in his "Happy Tail" story but you can see it on our facebook page.


Fender was rescued off of the John Young Parkway exit on I-4. She turned out to be a wonderful kitty with a great personality. Within 3 days, she found her forever family!


Fletcher is doing perfect and has fit right in with our family. I am starting to feel like a mom worrying anytime I have to leave the house for a few minutes. He is just as playful as ever and is doing much better about being held. He wakes me up every morning with sun, nibbling on any showing limbs! Thank you so much for Fletcher, I could not be more grateful for my little bundle of joy! I have attached some pictures so you can see how big he is getting, he has almost doubled in size already!


Foxx has always been a big boy and he has certainly been growing since he went to his new home as you can see by this photo of him at about 5 months of age. His new family writes to tell us that he has a great personality and is patient and calm with people. At the same time, he is funny and playful. They love him!

For more photos of Foxx when he was younger, please click on his name to go to his personal webpage.

Fuzzerz  nka Neeko
Fuzzerz nka Neeko

Fuzzers (now Neeko) is doing splendidly. He is a big lazy boy ... a joy for his family. And he is obviously much loved.

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